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Wega Polaris Xtra EVD Auto Volumetric 1-Group Espresso Machine

Wega Polaris Xtra EVD Auto Volumetric 1-Group Espresso Machine

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Polaris: a coffee machine with character, with heart, and able to give personality to any location.

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Here's the deets


  • Raised Groups
  • LCD Display
  • White LED Side Panel Lights with Optional RGB LEDs
  • Mixing Valve
  • Optional autosteam wands
  • 4 programmable doses per group
  • Manual brewing buttons
  • Hot water tap with programmable electronic dosing
  • The automatic group washing cycle
  • Two stainless steel steam wands with slide lever control tap
  • Auto level and volumetric pump
  • Single boiler, the heat exchange system
  • Pre-infusion technology
  • Joystick/lever style steam knobs
  • Barista downlights
  • Temperature stabilized groups (thermosiphon)
  • Manual pressure stat

Size & Specs

  • Voltage: 110 V or 220 V
  • Amperage: 27.2 A or13.6 A
  • Total Wattage: 2330 W or 3300 W
  • Heating Element: 2000 W
  • Boiler: 5L
  • Weight: 150lb
  • Ship Weight: 200lb
  • Width: 21.26"
  • Depth: 22.44"
  • Height: 21.26"


In addition to the backlit keypad system, it also presents a completely revised design: the body becomes aerodynamic and futuristic, with the possibility of a particular game of RGB LEDs on the side panel that makes it unique in its kind.